Steering Committee Members

Treatment First WA is a coalition of experts and community leaders who support replacing failing drug laws with a public health approach –  treatment, recovery, and education.

We are public health experts, treatment professionals, legal and law enforcement experts, elected officials, leaders of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, and formerly incarcerated and directly impacted community members working together for a public health approach to substance use disorders. 

  • Keith Blocker

    Keith Blocker

    Tacoma Deputy Mayor Keith Blocker was elected to the District 3 seat of the Tacoma City Council in 2015. He currently sits on the City of Tacoma’s Government Performance and…


  • Jan Bolerjack

    Jan Bolerjack

    Reverend Jan Bolerjack is Pastor at Riverton Park United Methodist Church, Director for Tukwila School Board District 2, and has lived in Tukwila for the past 10 years. In ministry…


  • Molly Carney, Ph.D.

    Molly Carney, Ph.D.

    Molly Carney has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and spent many years as a research scientist at the University of Washington. Her entire career has been in substance use treatment.…


  • Karen Dove

    Karen Dove

    Karen Dove is Executive Director of ANEW, a nonprofit that improves people’s lives by providing quality training, employment navigation and supportive services leading to successful family wage careers. ANEW is…


  • Monisha Harrell

    Monisha Harrell

    Monisha Harrell is Board Chair for Equal Rights Washington, and chairs the National LGBTQ Task Force Action Fund. Harrell has served as a fellow for Lifelong AIDS Alliance, co-chair of…


  • Les Liggins

    Les Liggins

    Les Liggins, a married father of three, is a 32-year veteran in the police force. He retired as a captain in the Seattle Police Department, where he was narcotics commander…


  • Everett Maroon

    Everett Maroon

    Everett Maroon has lived in Walla Walla since 2008, after spending more than a decade in Washington, DC as a systems analyst and project manager. Maroon attended Syracuse University, graduating…


  • Michelle Merriweather

    Michelle Merriweather

    Michelle Merriweather is President and CEO of the Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle. Merriweather is an engaged community servant serving on several boards and commissions including the Downtown Seattle Association,…


  • Salvador A. Mungia (Sal)

    Salvador A. Mungia (Sal)

    Salvador A. Mungia (Sal), former president of the Washington State Bar Association, is an attorney in Tacoma. Sal believes that providing people treatment, and not locking them behind bars, is…


  • Carmen Pacheco-Jones

    Carmen Pacheco-Jones

    As a formerly incarcerated individual, Carmen Pacheco-Jones has dedicated herself to transforming the criminal legal system to create equity and justice for all who are impacted. Pacheco-Jones is the founder…


  • Kurtis Robinson

    Kurtis Robinson

    Kurtis Robinson is a social justice advocate. He is a member of I Did the Time, the Revive Center for Returning Citizens, and the Board of Better Health Together. Robinson…


  • Julian Saucier

    Julian Saucier

    Don Julian Saucier is Executive Director of Yoga Behind Bars, and has extensive experience working as a peer recovery specialist with people struggling because of substance use disorders. Saucier’s own…


  • Chris Stearns

    Chris Stearns

    Chris Stearns is the first Native American (Navajo) to be elected to the Auburn City Council in the City’s history. He has spent his career in private practice and government…


  • Ben Stuckart

    Ben Stuckart

    Ben Stuckart, former President of the Spokane City Council, now consults with health care agencies, and runs a low income housing consortium. Stuckart worked on regional law and justice reform…


  • Dr. Kim Thorburn

    Dr. Kim Thorburn

    Dr. Kim Thorburn is a retired public health physician who worked for twenty years running prison health systems in California and Hawaii. Now based in Eastern Washington, where she served…


  • Dr. Robert Wood

    Dr. Robert Wood

    Dr. Robert Wood served as the director of the HIV/AIDS program for King County (1986-2010). He is a retired Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of Washington School of…